Belgium Job

From: [mailto:recuiter@com]
Subject: telecom engineer NATO 3 years contract
Dear, Gary I have your cv in my database, and for NATO i’m looking for a Telecommunications engineer.

* Duration : 3 years +1 +1
* Location : Mons – Belgium with possible travel to other NATO countries

3 years practical experience in analogical or digital transmission networking; or a university degree or equivalent education level qualification in engineering, including system automation and remote control
3 years practical experience in remotely controlling a geographically dispersed automated system; or a technical diploma with an intermediate vocational training in telecommunications
4 years experience in digital transmission networking
3 years of practical experience in operating or controlling transmission systems including multiplexing equipment, or at least three years of practical experience in remote monitoring and control of a geographically distributed automated system.
2 years experience in BME, in TDM (PROMANIA) and ATM (SCREEM), and G703 leased communications circuits
Familiar with the G703 standards for transmission.
Familiar with applications used for central monitoring, HP Openview.
If you’re interested, please send me your updated cv asap with your desirable daily rate.

Recuiter Name
New Business Sales Consultant

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