Question and answer

Q: Do you know any companies looking to hire, I have a degree in communications ?

A: No

Q: Do you know any jobs that pay more than 50k a year in the St. Louis area.

A: yes, there are several jobs, IT jobs come to mind

Q: Would I have to learn a new skill to get jobs in IT ?

A: yes ,,

Q: How you recommend I go about getting a job in IT.

First audit your time, there are 168 hours in a week find 12 hours each week in your schedule for learning IT.
Find 4 , 3 hours blocks of time where no one around you or is talking to you.

Get a notebook a computer and find your latest resume

take the first 1 hour to update your current resume with something like in the objective
objective: I am seeking a full time job where I can take the IT skills I have learned and apply them.

take the next 2 hours and apply to as many jobs as you can with the keywords help desk, call center, technical support, A+, dhcp, windows server

the notebook is to log what companies you have applied for and what date

your goal on this is to get a call back or an email


For the next 3 blocks of 3 hours spend them acconrdingly

1st block of 3 hours
youtube the keywords active directory, help desk, call center, technical support, A+, dhcp, windows server and watch as many videos on this topic until its clear

2nd and 3rd block of 3 hours
sign up for udemy courses on active directory, help desk , and windows server
and watch the videos over and over

Each week repeat the steps above and within 1 month you will have an IT job.

General Cleaner 2nd Shift job

Thank you for applying to the General Cleaner 2nd Shift with XXXXXXXXXXXX..

Please note: due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding the status of individual applications. If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted directly by a representative of xxxxxxxx..


Human Resources Department

Please keep or print this email as a record of the position you have submitted your resume for.

Full Job Overview for General Cleaner 2nd Shift
xxxxxxxx . Instead of dealing with separate companies for each maintenance service, you can enjoy more profits, more time and more efficient operation with the complete services of xxxxx. Our multi-division corporation can meet your maintenance needs in custodial, pest control, carpet and upholstery, lawn care, parking lot maintenance, snow plowing and numerous other areas.

xxxxxxx is always looking for individuals with the following skills and qualities:

Job Skills/Requirements
xxxxxxx, a national contract cleaning company, is currently hiring professionally minded full and part time Cleaners for the xxxxxxxx General cleaning experience is preferred.

Position Summary:

Responsible for performing general cleaning and upkeep of assigned area within a specific building. Specific tasks are not guaranteed, therefore the ideal candidate must be flexible in performing assigned duties as outlined below:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
(this is not an all inclusive list, and job duties may be modified at any time)
Empty, clean all waste receptacles, and remove waste paper and rubbish from the premises to designated area; damp wipe receptacles as necessary.
Vacuum all rugs and carpeted areas in offices, lobbies, and corridors.
Hand dust and wipe clean all office furniture, files, fixtures, paneling, windowsills, and all other horizontal surfaces.
Damp wipe and polish all glass furniture tops, metal hardware fixtures and other bright work.
Clean and remove all finger marks and smudges from vertical surfaces, to include doors, doorframes, around light switches, private entrance glass, and partitions.
Sweep or dust mop floors, all private stairways, and vacuum if carpeted.
Damp mop or clean any spillage in office, stairwells and public areas as required.
Damp dust all ceiling air conditioning diffusers, wall grilles, register and other ventilating louvers.
Dust the exterior surfaces of lighting fixtures, including glass and plastic enclosures.
Follow all safety and personnel rules and regulations.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

Must have the ability to maintain positive professional relationships with co-workers in a team environment and take direction from Supervisor(s). Must be able to perform all physical aspects of the above job duties. Previous experience preferred but not required. Must pass required state and federal background checks. Reliable transportation and good attendance is a must.

Additional Information/Benefits
Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidate must pass required background screenings.

Hotel thank you for visiting letter

Dear customer,

Thank you for your recent stay at our hotel. Our goal is to provide quality service that meets or exceeds your expectations. Your feedback will help us identify strengths, weaknesses, and focus our resources on customers’ actual needs rather than merely our perception of what our guests want. In that regard, we would personally appreciate hearing your comments about your stay.

For your convenience, we have included this link to our ..insert link Online Comment Card. Please take just a quick moment to tell us about your stay.

Again, thank you for staying with hotel and for taking the time to help us make the more focused on our customers.