Real job description that is very generic from an employer.

Title: TPM 3
Location: Redmond WA
Duration: Full time
Salary: $110-120K/yr Base max
Position Description:
4-8 years of project management experience, Master’s degree preferred, PMI Certification required.
Knowledge/background in software industry products/services/applications, with in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s products/services/applications preferred.
Must possess strong cross team/group/org collaboration skills; ability to foresee and analyze project risks, develop risk management plan and mitigate subsequent issues.
The ideal candidate will have high-powered analytical skills and the ability to understand concepts and situations that pass by many others.

Ideal Candidate/must have skills: Seeking senior level PM candidates with experience working with optics, cameras, sensors, and imaging related products/services.

Warm Regards,

Job of the Day Network Engineer in San Francisco, CA

Job Role: Network Engineer 

Location: San Francisco, CA 

Job Type: Full Time 

Work Auth: US Citizen/Green card holder 

Company: The Cutler Group 

Job description 

Cutler Group, LP is seeking to add a self-motivated and high caliber Network Engineer to its high-performance Infrastructure Engineering team. Using proven expertise and experience in this domain, the ideal candidate will provide leadership as well as a disciplined but agile practical and hands on approach to the design, support, and continuous optimization of our cutting-edge trading and enterprise networks.

Key attributes & expectations include the following: 

  • Develop in-house and employ industry best practices to build, deploy, support, optimize hardware and software on fleet of switches, routers, firewalls, and other components of the network infrastructure 
  • Monitor and fine-tune network performance for maximum operating efficiency within a resource intensive, high bandwidth, and ultra-low latency production environment   
  • Using a services oriented and customer friendly approach, partner with internal infrastructure, software, and business teams to solve the most challenging technology and business problems through clever yet elegant and practical solutions engineering in a fast-paced environment 
  • Ability to develop multiple options to address complex problems and perform cost / benefit analysis to clearly demonstrate potential business value for any proposed solution 
  • Identify, prioritize, and manage projects independently and in collaboration with peers as requirements and timelines dictate 
  • Strong, organized, and effective approach to troubleshooting complex problems with the agility that is suitable for a high stakes trading environment 
  • Ability to standardize and automate for efficiency but willingness to develop, deploy, and support custom solutions when there is a clear benefit to the firm in doing so 
  • Excellent technical and non-technical verbal and written communication skills 
  • Ability to create and maintain technical design and support documentation 
  • Manage and partner with Vendors to support existing systems as well as to keep ahead of new technologies to evaluate for potential benefit to the firm 
  • Comfortable working in an environment with a high rate of change and, when appropriate, willingness to step outside of primary role in order to facilitate successful outcomes 
  • Passionate about improving your own skills as well as those of your colleagues through knowledge sharing and mentoring 
  • Comfortable working in a multidisciplinary team of varying skill levels 
  • Open to new and unconventional ways of doing things, ability to adapt methods, skills, and technology when there is a clear benefit to the firm in doing so 
  • A very strong sense of purpose, enjoyment, ownership and accountability in everything you do 

    Required Skills & Experience 

    A strong technical background and well tested experience as a Network Engineer is essential to succeed in this position. Duties to include project-based network design and deployment, hardware and OS support, configuration change management, service and system monitoring. At minimum, candidates should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: 
  • Network platform hardware architecture 
  • Optical and copper based physical media to support 1/10/25/40GBASE Ethernet 
  • Best practice design principles for secure, resilient, scalable, highly-available LAN, WLAN, MAN, WAN, B2B, Edge and other purpose-built networks 
  • Key Protocols & Technologies: TCP, UDP, IP, BGP, OSPF, PIM, IPSec, NAT, VXLAN, STP, LACP, gateway redundancy, tunnelling, LLDP, SNMP, Syslog, DNS, DHCP 
  • Multicast technologies and applications 
  • Troubleshooting using packet capture analysis and other tools 
  • Administering and utilizing enterprise monitoring tools 
  • Ability to thoroughly scope and document tasks 
  • Collaborate effectively with users of varying skill levels 

    Desired Skills 
  • Familiarity supporting high bandwidth and ultra-low latency applications 
  • Comfortable working with Linux systems 
  • Python and/or bash scripting experience 
  • Automation, preferably Ansible 
  • Jira & Confluence 

My first attempt at creating an APP.

Mon 2/24/2014 2:18 PM
Looks like iBuildApp does not support Bluetooth streams. PhoneGap does however. PhoneGap is a popular cross-platform builder but is much more developer-oriented than iBuildApp. I’ve played around with PhoneGap and it’s fairly easy as a builder.

Looks like HTML5 is out unless you want a specialized middle layer. If I was playing around, I’d build an Arduino board to read the Bluetooth data and act as a simple server. Then any smartphone browser could connect to the Arduino server device to pull the data. If that worked, I’d build the obdii reader onto the Arduino as well and sell it as transportation industry device that utilizes any smartphone to read the vehicle diagnostics and track in real time. Fun!

On Feb 24, 2014, at 2:04 PM, D.. wrote:

Hi Gary,

Have you worked with OBDII devices before to tie into vehicle diagnostics. A Bluetooth obdii reader can transmit some or all the data you need to your smartphone (example –

Maybe you already have something that will tie into the vehicle data? Have you ever tried “Torque” for iPhone and android? It gives you a lot of real time car info. Both iOS and android can read the Bluetooth stream so it’s likely you can upload data almost live from your smartphone to a server for remote viewing. I don’t think you can read the BT stream with HTML5 but I’ll look around.

On Feb 24, 2014, at 1:47 PM, Gary McNeely wrote:

I have a client, who needs a mobile device very much like Fedex. The only major difference being that the application is for monitoring a vehicles sensors ( Gas, current mileage, tire pressure, last oil change, temperature, gps location) real time. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I got the response from …. from you. I will try to use the tools you have given me ibuildapps and see if I can do it.

Thank you

Gary McNeely
On Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:42 AM, D…. wrote:
Hi Gary,

…., my brother, mentioned you might need some help with an application you have in mind. In many cases I am not the guy who will do the actual application development. I can, however, help determine a development path for your idea.

Over the last couple years I’ve found that many requested apps (especially business apps) are more effective when built using HTML5, which is also faster and less expensive in most cases. Functional prototypes and proof of concept ideas are especially well-suited for HTML5.

Any ideas you share with me are treated as business confidential. Let me know if I can help.


How can this help your company ?

How can this help your company ?

What 3 companies would benefit from CommVault training;
company 1
company 2
company 3

Task: To present the idea to your company that our company can provide and resell CommVault training to our customers.

Cost: The cost of a 1 year site license for training is $30,000

Location: The location of the training can be anywhere the student is located as it is self paced and presented online

Duration: Each student will have access to the training for a period of 1 year

Type: Site License issued to your company

Maximum students: 64

The Current Cost of CommVault training

Core Fundamentals $3,000

Implementation and Maintenance $2,000

Both courses are the same price either online or onsite


We ask other Vendors we know if they could benefit from CommVault training.

We become experts on the CommVault software and attain a CommVault Master.

We provide additional CommVault training and solutions to those companies who have purchased the CommVault software.

Supporting cost factors: Our cost is $ 30,000 for 64 students for 1 year

Competition: CommVault will occasionally use 3rd party vendors to perform Professional services and the bill rate is $ 5,000 for 3 days

How can we add value: We can charge $5,000 for 5 days and provide a better value as we can write into our scope of work to include the target storage setup.

Highlight of your skills and tasks performed at your previous jobs.

Highlight of your skills and tasks performed at your previous jobs.

Ideas of what to have ready for when applying for a job

On a daily basis I perform the following VMware checks;
We have 8 Vcenters with hundreds of VM’s with more than 1PB of combined Datastore storage.
Check the health of all Hosts and VM’s in vCenter.
Check for any resource issues like Memory, Disk and Network IO.
Check the Datastore space, are any LUNS low on space.
Check if Vmware tools are up to date on all VM’s.
Check if there are any VM’s that need disk consolidation.
If requested perform partial or full recovery of any VM’s using the Vcenter NetBackup Plugin.

Since 2010
I have installed VMware vsphere ESXI 4.5 on more than 20 hosts, managed Vcenter environments from 4.5 to currently 6.7.
I am familiar with and have performed a Vmotion move of a VM to another datastore via a distributed file system.