Example of how to give feedback to your team

To: Gary
Subject: Follow up on counseling session last week.


As I explained verbally to both of you last week, I was put in a difficult spot as a result of not receiving timely accurate information from either of you. I was not notified of an ongoing Microwave Radio outage, as a result I provide erroneous status reports to the customer. I cannot except this type of performance. Both, of you have my contact numbers if for some reason you are unable to contact me, outages still need to be reported to not only the (OTHER TEAM ) and (OTHER TEAM) but to management.

This is the first and last time I expect to get blindsided due to lack of reporting process. The next time this happens I will not hesitate to forward my recommendations to Project Management for disciplinary actions be initiated ranging from suspended without pay to termination.

You guys are capable of doing good work, and I expect nothing less. Just a reminder don’t put me in a position where as I cannot recommend you guys for other positions should they come available. I will NOT recommend anyone for a position of advancement or transfer if they fail to perform to standards in their current position.


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