How to get a job overseas

Please write this out on a big sheet of paper and read over and over…. I once was where you were…

Here is a couple of scenarios

To get a job overseas in the IT industry you need a Secret clearance and a couple of IT certifications

A company cares about thier customer for example you work for Raytheon in Kuwait or Iraq or Afghanastan your salary is;

Kuwait 100,000

Iraq 130,000

Afghanastan 150,000

Raytheon is an American company doing business in these contries THEY are working for the US Army who pays the salary of then pays you.

The US Army has a sheet or requirements they need to fill I can tell you one that is big is the DoD 8570 which you can see at

The US Army is told by the Department of Defense to get thier people certified on the DoD 8570 and like you know stuff rolls down hill in that regard

*** Getting that certification *** You have a couple of options

1 find a job in the IT industry like Adelphia in Buffalo, work there for 2 years

until at which time you take your first IT certification test and FAIL… certainly this may not happen

lets examine it a little further certain people get discouraged when they FAIL and decide not to attempt again or they let

thier so called friends dictate thier response to a challenge… You may not need to hear this mumbo jumbo but maybe you

have a friend who lacks self confidence you just a wondering generality instead of a meaning specific, I believe it is my

duty in life to open doors of success as others have done for me.

2 Going to a training center in the USA such as or I believe there is one in Getzville next to ITT technical institute…..

3 Going to a training center in India such as …. ….

4 get a free bitspyder account its a non virus torrent site download training for A+, Net +, Security+, CCNA, CWNA, MCITP or MCSE 2008  take notes as if you were in a class room setting


other open source stuff

5 Go to or  reviewthe pool of questions take the test yourself at a testing center  or


****** Getting that Job once you have a Certification *********

1 Post your resume on at least 100 job sites and clearance job sites

2 facebook account

3 linkedin account

4 Obtain a US passport

5 make business cards with your face on it with your linkedin and facebook

Apply to any and all jobs talk to all recruiters as if you want the job, if you have 3 job offers at once 2 in the USA and 1 overseas take the one Overseas even if its less money.

************ Non Government support jobs ***************

Apply to Australia specifically in Queensland where they have a heavy need for IT skilled labor

Kuwait Oil Company

Any company in Dubai or Abu Dabi

Any company in Saudi Arabia

Any company in Singapore

********** Extra skills while you wait *******

There is a telemarketing company in Niagara Falls that sells medical drugs to pharmacies that is a great job while you wait

There is also a comapany CMS I believe or Client Logic that gives you telephone skills and gets you prepared to hear the word sorry I dont want or NO thank you for your time…

Try to apply for 200 jobs a day from your different job sites, then take the ones who respond to you and add them to your linked in account.

Go to have the RIP, OSPF, BGP and so forth when interviewing have them printed out in front of you

**************** What jobs typically require what ***************

Help Desk Administrator >>> A+, MCDST or MCSE


Network Administrator >>> A+, Net +, CCNA

System Administrator >>> MCSE, Security +

WAN Engineer >>> CCNA, CCNP, Security +, MCSE

Network Engineer >>> CCNA, CCNP, Security +, MCSE

************* Here are a couple of links that may ******************

************************************** Most important *********************

Take a big sketch book write everthing you want to be or do or have… as you obtain them mark them off

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