Gave this advice in a couple of years ago, still relevant today

If you know anyone who wants to change their life this is the advice I would give

First thing is to have a plan

Second thing is to write down on a piece of paper who you are and what you stand for and what are your values

Third thing is set out goals, I wrote down on a big posterboard what my goals are and have looked at them every day and have accomplished most of them

Fourth thing is to seek out a mentor who shares the same ideas or who would like to see you advance in life,, mine is Steven Covey Author of The 7 habits of Highly Effective People and First things first

Fifth thing is think objectively,,, I used to tell myself I couldnt afford this or that of didnt pursue my goals because I thought it was going to be to hard,, once I started to think I could I did

Sixth thing is to go your own way, in life If I would have listened to people say why do this or that basically saying to me ” Why would you want to succeed ” . This attitude is partly due to their own lacking goals in life and a need to bring you down into their world

Seventh thing is to dont let life pass you by.. I have accomplished many things in my life and due to my willingness to try new things and make a leap of faith, the idea is that if I keep coming up with the same unwanted outcome then I must change the input

Eighth thing is to if you understand that in life we are in a checkout and the one in front helps to get the one behind to where they once stood.

Ninth thing ,,, Say why not,, in my case why not go to the Middle East,, I cant tell you how much more confidence I have.

How did I get here,,, After going to a Mens Warehouse  to buy a suit for a upcoming interview I asked the salesman I have confidence in who I am but I am lacking some guidance to get me to a professional level. The two books he told me of were Getting to Yes and The 7 habits of Highly Effective People.

My roomate who complains about his life and talks of obstacles in his way and still has the same lifestyle he doesnt want..

He didnt believe


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