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Hi Gary,

Sorry, I was out of town for almost a week and had internet connectivity issues with my laptop.

I have hundreds of emails in my inbox & I’ll start to reply to them in the order in which they were received when I get to my office tommorrow.


On 3/8/06,


Please advise your correspondence to my previous inquiry.



Hi Gary,

We are considering PayPal possibilities, but can currently accept Bank wire transfer.

We do courses in an 8 hr/day X 5 days / week format because more than that is usually difficult for the participants to digest (assimilate).

You can do the courses as under:
CCNA: 1 week
CCNP: 3 weeks
CCIE: 4 weeks.

However, I can almost bet that you wont pass the CCIE lab exam if you do all these in the 2 months as mentioned above. I would ideally recommend 3-4 weeks gap between CCNP & CCIE to study / revise upto CCNP level what you prepare for the CCIE written exam.
I would also further strongly advice 4-8 weeks after the CCIE training to prepare for the CCIE lab exam. So in all, I would recommend devoting about
16-20 weeks towards your study if you want to go all the way upto the CCIE certification.


On 3/3/06, <xxxxx


Please advise as I will pay all 3 course via paypal. If another method is available please let me know how you want me to pay.

Note. I would like to take all 3 course in a manner of 40 days, possibly 12 hours a day…with 1 day off a week.