This is an example bad feedback from an interview.

Aloha, xxxxx

I just got off the phone with xxxxxx and was unable to convince him that you cared more about the mission accomplishment to the government and less about the money. He stated in no uncertain terms that everyone on his team with whom you had contact garnered that same impression from you.

He instructed me to submit other candidates, as he would have to pass on you.

They know that you are technically qualified for the work, but they place great emphasis on the kind of teamwork that is needed to keep the workpace high, and they believe that you would stay only until you could arrange the next higher offer somewhere else, and then “bail on them”. My advice to you over the phone this weekend was on point, but apparently came to late.

I was not able to dissuade xxxx that you didn’t fit this profile. It was a fatal first impression and became unrecoverable.

This has been a tough experience for me to go through, because I believe in your abilities and willingness to perform consistently. I am certain that it is not easy news for you to hear either, but it becomes a necessary lesson for both of us. My goal going forward is to learn to prepare my candidates better for early conversations with in-country leads and PM, including giving them an early look at interview feedback forms and performance evaluations so that they know how speak during the initial phone screening, as well as how to excel once they are hired.

Please accept my apologies for not preparing you better.

I wish you the very best of success!