Question and answer

Q: Do you know any companies looking to hire, I have a degree in communications ?

A: No

Q: Do you know any jobs that pay more than 50k a year in the St. Louis area.

A: yes, there are several jobs, IT jobs come to mind

Q: Would I have to learn a new skill to get jobs in IT ?

A: yes ,,

Q: How you recommend I go about getting a job in IT.

First audit your time, there are 168 hours in a week find 12 hours each week in your schedule for learning IT.
Find 4 , 3 hours blocks of time where no one around you or is talking to you.

Get a notebook a computer and find your latest resume

take the first 1 hour to update your current resume with something like in the objective
objective: I am seeking a full time job where I can take the IT skills I have learned and apply them.

take the next 2 hours and apply to as many jobs as you can with the keywords help desk, call center, technical support, A+, dhcp, windows server

the notebook is to log what companies you have applied for and what date

your goal on this is to get a call back or an email


For the next 3 blocks of 3 hours spend them acconrdingly

1st block of 3 hours
youtube the keywords active directory, help desk, call center, technical support, A+, dhcp, windows server and watch as many videos on this topic until its clear

2nd and 3rd block of 3 hours
sign up for udemy courses on active directory, help desk , and windows server
and watch the videos over and over

Each week repeat the steps above and within 1 month you will have an IT job.