New Diet Kale Smoothie

Its 9pm and just started my kale smoothie diet, not going to be a 100% kale though. Last weekend from Friday at 9pm to Sunday at 3pm I did the same diet.

My list of ingredients are:

a couple of bunches of kale, got these from Fresh N thyme for 99cents each

1 avocado, walmart had them for 88 cents each.

Have my Ninja blender, took the cold water mixed in the kale and avocado along with some sea salt and the juice from half a real lemon.

when I make it I got the large mason jars, the ones that hold 4 liters and I make enough to fill that up.

I like the taste, its like drinking orange juice with lots of pulp.

so when I break my kale and water fast I do it with eating a bannana and mixing that with fresh peanut butter.

More to follow this is day 1.

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