How to get an IT job overseas in 2018

  1. Get a passport
  2. Hire a person to write your resume or pay for a Udemy course that teaches you how.
  3. Create a blog or website and put your resume on it
  4. Create a social media presence; twitter, facebook, linkedin.. your intent is to show your future employer you can create content and live in 2018.
  5. Go to Udemy and buy my Udemy course
    1. Why should you buy my course ?    I teach you just enough IT to walk into your 5th interview and get the job.
  6. Become very good in 1 thing such as CommVault,,, see number 5.
  7. Go on as many interviews as possible, each time you will learn and apply those to your next interview.
  8. Know how much you want to get paid, calculate your bills/expenses
  9. I am moving out of my apartment and wont have a US address, the solution to that is get a UPS Store mailbox it provides you with a street address and you can ask them to forward your mail to you in whatever country you decide to work in.
  10. Network with others who are working in the location and field you desire to work in.

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