Example of counter to an offer letter

>From: “Gary
>Subject: Contract Rebuttle
>Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 02:18:39
> I appreciate your offer of employment for the position of Microwave
>Technician at a pay rate of $ NOT A LOT an hour at 60 hours a week, however I
>want( remove “I want” $ A LOT an hour. (I believe that my past performance
>on this contract merits a pay rate of XXX per hour)
>Listed is the Information to support my pay increase: (Remove this
>For the past 2 years I have been asked to perform duties of Commercial
>Microwave / ATM Engineer, and I have done so without compensation.
>(performed duties of XXX above and beyond my contracted position willingly
>and without compensation)
>(Additionally) I personally put together the Alcatel (explain the
>significance of this) training (that greatly benefited both COMPANY and our
>end customer) (remove the countless profits sentence) which has yielded
>countless profits for COMPANY
>(As you know, continuing professional development benefits both myself and
>COMPANY. During the course of my current contract I have paid) Out of my own
>pocket I have paid for the following:
(certifications that enhance my current position) (It would be greatly
beneficial to both myself and COMPANY if participation in the educational and
cost sharing reimbursement program was made a term of my new contract)
>Promina 800 and Scream 100/50
(explain what these certs are and how it benefits the company)

>(Thank you for your kind understanding in this matter and I look forward to
>being a part of the COMPANY team in the future)
>Warmest Regards,

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