How can YOU get the knowledge of a degree for FREE

How can YOU get the knowledge of a degree for FREE
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT)

IT 111 Introduction to Computing
Basic concepts of computer programming are introduced, starting with the notion of an algorithm. Emphasis is on developing the ability to write programs to solve practical computational problems

Math 103 College Algebra
Math 121 Probability and Statistics

Eng 100 English Plus

Eng 101 Advanced Grammar and Composition

HUM101 Introduction to Humanities:Art Appreciation

SS 101 General Psychology

7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness with Jim Rohn (Full Audio)

The Richest Man in Babylon- FULL AUDIO BOOK

Industry Influencer Road Trip: Keys to Success, 17 Principles of Personal Achievement

CHINKEE TAN, Your Wealth Coach (Philippines)

PE 101 Physical Fitness, Gymnastics and Aerobics

CS 111 Computer Programming

Math 107 Plane Trigonometry

Eng 102 Study and Thinking Skills

HUM 102 Introduction to Philosophy
HUM 104 Logic

IT 211 Database Management Systems
IT 222 Advanced Database Management Systems

CS 121 Advanced Computer Programming
IT 412 Integrative Programming and Technologies

CS 122 Data Structures and Algorithms

CS 131 Object-Oriented Programming

BIO 101 Introduction to Biology

Eng 106 Technical Communication

IT 221 Fundamentals of Networking

IT 223 Fundamentals of Information Management

IT 224 Platform Technologies

IT 225 Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

ENG107 Speech and Oral Communication

BIO 102 Computational Biology

CpE 350 Discrete Mathematics
MATH 116 Symbolic Logic

IT 311 Systems Administration and Maintenance

IT 312 Systems Integration and Architecture
IT 322 Advanced Systems Integration and Architecture

IT Elective 1
IT 313 Routing and Switching

IT Elective 2
IT 324 Networks Security

IT 315 Information Assurance and Security
IT 321 Advanced Information Assurance and Security

CS 321 Web Programming
IT 325 Applications Development and Emerging Technologies

IT Elective 3
IT 413 CCNA preparation: Exam Review

IT Elective 4 and 5
SMFBPO1 Fundamentals of Business Process Outsourcing 101 and 102

IT 326 IT Capstone Project 1 and 2

IE532 Technoprenuership

SS 106 Politics and Governance with Philippine Constitution

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