Something about me

Well how I live my life, is I read a book 7 Habits Of High Effective People…. Steven Covey,, I live my life like that. I have been in the US ARMY, and wear many other social hats. I am great to talk to and offer sound advice, I am a protege of Anthony Robins yeah that big guy who tells people how to change their lives.

Have a Great Day


Occupation Description: IT NERD


My personality traits: Adventurous/Wild/Spontaneous, Conservative/Clean Cut, Easygoing/Flexible/Open-Minded, Friendly/Kind, High Energy, Intellectual, Low Maintenance, Outgoing, Self Confident, Sophisticated/Worldly, Spiritual

My favorite activities: Camping, Hanging Out with Friends, Home Improvement/Decorating, Investing, Reading/Writing, Traveling/Weekend

Trips/Adventure Travel
I would like to talk to is maybe someone I can help change their life or someone who is smarter than I. I like to have intelligent conversations with all types of people. I have been all over the world and have seen things from their point of view. I just would like to talk to someone without pressure just share Ideas and come up with a better or more sound solution.


My favorite cuisines: Avocado, Mango

My favorite music: Blues, Classical, Country, Dance/Electronica, Easy Listening, Jazz, Oldies, Soundtracks, Acoustic

Leisure and Physical Activities

I like going out to: Beach, Comedy Clubs, Karaoke/Sing-along
My favorite physical activities: Basketball,  Golf, Hockey, Ice Skating

I have learned that everyone in the world is different and has their own unique style.

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