How to send good feedback to your team.

Hey Team,

I sent this e-mail out before but I wanted to send it again because it seems
we have all lost focus on teamwork.


I would like to see everyone helping each other out when they are loaded
down with work.  This also includes taking your share of the phone calls.
If you see a fellow teammate is stuck on a work order that will take all
afternoon touch base with that person and see if there is any other work
that you can assist with.  Let’s be more proactive with helping our fellow
teammates.  I would like to see everyone assisting each other in areas of
weakness.  Nobody is an expert on all aspects of our mission but we have
people who excel in different areas.  Take the time to learn about one
another and what everyone’s strength is so you will know who you can seek
advice from in times of need.  While we have a short staffed team, we are
fortunate to have a team with a wealth of knowledge.  There is much that
everyone can learn from each other whether it is technical or something as
simple as better customer service.

We have trying times ahead of us and we will either succeed or fail as a
team.  The customer does not view us as individuals, they view us as a team.
If one person looks bad then our whole team looks bad.  If one person fails
at a task then we have all failed at that task.  However, if one of us
succeeds at a task then we all succeed at that task.  We need to remember
that everything we do or say reflects on the entire team.  Also, I am aware
of the state of morale in the office and this can help with that situation
as well.  Sharing the work load and helping better each other will make our
team more cohesive and efficient.


I want to touch base about the relations between the helpdesk staff and
leadership.  The thing that matters the most to leadership is our team and
our team’s performance.  We do our best to address the morale of our team
and the different issues with each teammate.  We try to always keep the team
in mind with everything that we work on.  The things that are pushed down to
the team are not just items that are “shot from the hip.”  These are issues
that have become large problems and with the staffing issue as it is these
problems are even larger. The thing to remember is while some things do not
make sense at the time just remember that you may not have all of the
information for the proper view.  If you have a problem or potential
feedback then please feel free to come sit down and discuss it with us or
send us an e-mail.  We are always open to discussion in the proper
environment and time.  This does not mean that something will change but we
will listen to what you have to say and take it into consideration.  As I
stated earlier, we are a team and we will either succeed or fail as a team.


With all of that being said I would like to also thank the whole team for
always putting the best face forward with dealing with our customers.  Our
team is capable of doing fantastic things and we have done many great things
already.  The customer has noticed it and so has our management staff.  This has been a great accomplishment considering all of the changes that have been
occurring, the staffing that we have lost, and the morale issues that our
team has been suffering.  I truly believe that our team can overcome the
many obstacles that have been placed before us and any future obstacles that
are to come.  Let us continue to grow as a team and accomplish our mission
as a single team.

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