How can this help your company ?

How can this help your company ?

What 3 companies would benefit from CommVault training;
company 1
company 2
company 3

Task: To present the idea to your company that our company can provide and resell CommVault training to our customers.

Cost: The cost of a 1 year site license for training is $30,000

Location: The location of the training can be anywhere the student is located as it is self paced and presented online

Duration: Each student will have access to the training for a period of 1 year

Type: Site License issued to your company

Maximum students: 64

The Current Cost of CommVault training

Core Fundamentals $3,000

Implementation and Maintenance $2,000

Both courses are the same price either online or onsite


We ask other Vendors we know if they could benefit from CommVault training.

We become experts on the CommVault software and attain a CommVault Master.

We provide additional CommVault training and solutions to those companies who have purchased the CommVault software.

Supporting cost factors: Our cost is $ 30,000 for 64 students for 1 year

Competition: CommVault will occasionally use 3rd party vendors to perform Professional services and the bill rate is $ 5,000 for 3 days

How can we add value: We can charge $5,000 for 5 days and provide a better value as we can write into our scope of work to include the target storage setup.

Highlight of your skills and tasks performed at your previous jobs.

Highlight of your skills and tasks performed at your previous jobs.

Ideas of what to have ready for when applying for a job

On a daily basis I perform the following VMware checks;
We have 8 Vcenters with hundreds of VM’s with more than 1PB of combined Datastore storage.
Check the health of all Hosts and VM’s in vCenter.
Check for any resource issues like Memory, Disk and Network IO.
Check the Datastore space, are any LUNS low on space.
Check if Vmware tools are up to date on all VM’s.
Check if there are any VM’s that need disk consolidation.
If requested perform partial or full recovery of any VM’s using the Vcenter NetBackup Plugin.

Since 2010
I have installed VMware vsphere ESXI 4.5 on more than 20 hosts, managed Vcenter environments from 4.5 to currently 6.7.
I am familiar with and have performed a Vmotion move of a VM to another datastore via a distributed file system.

Live streaming on autopilot with pre-recorded videos on 40+ platforms simultaneously

Live streaming videos is a great way to boost your reach, but being on multiple platforms at once sounds like sci-fi (or a wacky comedy involving twins).

In reality, you’ve got to deal with bandwidth issues and different platform requirements.

Wouldn’t it be great to kick back and broadcast your live stream on over 40 social media platforms?

Introducing the one and only OneStream Live.

OneStream Live changes the live stream game with a completely cloud-based solution that lets you schedule pre-recorded videos from anywhere in the world.

The best part? Zero installation required.

OneStream takes care of the bandwidth, transcoding, and different streaming requirements of major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer and more.

Go live in a few easy steps: just upload your video, set the date and time, choose your destination, and then step out for some cold brew (#treatyoself).

After uploading your video, simply set the time and date, and choose your destination.

With OneStream Live, you aren’t stuck with just one way to stream—the system is totally tailored to your needs.

You can choose from portrait or landscape, 480p or Ultra HD, constant bit rate or variable bit rate, mobile cam or webcam.

Whether you want your company to go viral on Twitter or your dog to become Insta-famous, you can throw OneStream any video, and it will play it live.

You can also add your own watermark or logo to your live streams to give them a more personalized touch.

To drive even more traffic to your videos, add eye-catching thumbnails and descriptions right within the tool.

Add your watermark or logo and description to personalize your live streams.

OneStream offers additional advanced settings that allow you to customize your streams. (And the guac isn’t even extra.)

Not ready to go live yet? Schedule live streams in advance from less than a minute all the way up to 59 days.

OneStream is also an excellent hype man (When I say OneStream, you say growth!).

Using the built-in event notification system, you can get your viewers excited about upcoming streams up to six days in advance.

Use the advanced settings to schedule your content and send event notifications.

The possibilities of OneStream Live are endless.

Want to stream using video recorded by 360-degree camera? Go for it.

You can even adjust your live stream privacy settings to create exclusive streams for special audiences.

With OneStream Live’s user-friendly schedule repeats function, you can also schedule multiple streams spread out over weeks or months.

View your schedule for the month with the calendar view, and easily reschedule the dates of your streams by dragging and dropping on the calendar.

View scheduled live streams and drag and drop content from the calendar view.

OneStream Live also makes it easy to collaborate with your team across your social media accounts.

Invite your team members to join your OneStream Live account, so they can schedule live stream content without needing admin rights to your social media accounts.

With the team management feature, you can hand off the task of creating schedules to team members — just review and approve before they go live.

Invite team members to help you create live stream content that you can approve.

Trying to live stream on multiple social platforms can make your head spin.

Luckily, you can leave the heavy lifting to OneStream Live and focus on making content that matters, like your team lip synching to scenes from Shrek.

Record, schedule, and stream—it’s that easy with OneStream Live.