offer for $72,000.00


Per your conversation with xxxxxxx, this is the offer:

New Relocation amount is $8,000.00

With this increase, your first year of pay will be $72,000.00, which is a reduction of $3,000.00 from your original offer.

After 1 year, your salary will be increased to $75,000.00

The relo money is not paid up front as a cash advance. If you choose to use our moving company, we can have them directly bill us.

All expenses other then the move of your goods from the moving company, you will have to pay for upfront and you must complete an expense report with original receipts and we will reimburse you for the amount.

xxxxx will not be liable for any relocation expenses incurred beyond the NTE amount of $8000.

We would like you to be a part of our team. Please consider this as a final offer and let us know if you would like to accept.

We would appreciate that you let us know, no later then Monday June xxxxxxx.

Call with any questions.


Promina Class


We have officially scheduled some Promina classes!  Due to the high demand of different types of courses, we have created a custom class.  The 5 day course, (which is a combination of operations AND maintenance of the Promina), will be held from February 28 – March 4 for the price of $2495 per person. This will be followed up by an optional 3 day Promina Debugger course from March 7 – 9 for the price of $2400 per person.

If you are interested in attending either or both of these, please reply to this email and let me know if these dates are convenient and how many people from your group will be attending.

Thank you,


Technical Training


PS… Gary, I contacted your HQ to inquire about them purchasing another run of the course as a group.  They said they would research and get back to me, but I have not heard anything back as of yet.  So, you are more than welcome to join the open enrollment class, if you like.

How to get started with crypto

You may have asked yourself what is this crypto currency or bitcoin I keep hearing about, you may also be leary of buying it because you either dont know how to or you heard its not a safe investment.

I though the same things myself.

Let me tell you how I got into buying crypto currency

Its February, I was watching the Pat McAfee show on youtube and he mentioned something about dogecoin and Elon Musk tweeted about it and the price is going up.

I immediately got FOMO or fear or missing out, so I google how to buy crypto.

My search told me to go to a gas station to a bitcoin atm and buy it there.

I go to there and find out its out of order.

I then watched a couple of videos and found I could buy bitcoin and dogecoin from the app robinhood.

robinhood > how to sign up and get account > how to buy bitcoin and dogecoin

Now that you know how I got involved in crypto, this is how you can get your very first piece of crypto for little money.

Disclaimer, this is not financial advise , I am not a financial advisor and only invest money you can afford to lose.

research > coinmarketcap > coin price > exchanges

coinbase > how to sign up and get account > how to buy bitcoin and sell dogecoin

crypto mining, unmineable

how to mind your own crypto, the site is and there are lots of videos on how to mine crypto coins

reset IBM Storwize v3700 password

on the rear of the IBM Storwize v3700 there is a USB port, you can get the software by going to Lenovo’s site or search for it inittool + lenovo v3700

follow the steps in the pictures 1 by 1

default username is superuser and default password is passw0rd