offer for $72,000.00


Per your conversation with xxxxxxx, this is the offer:

New Relocation amount is $8,000.00

With this increase, your first year of pay will be $72,000.00, which is a reduction of $3,000.00 from your original offer.

After 1 year, your salary will be increased to $75,000.00

The relo money is not paid up front as a cash advance. If you choose to use our moving company, we can have them directly bill us.

All expenses other then the move of your goods from the moving company, you will have to pay for upfront and you must complete an expense report with original receipts and we will reimburse you for the amount.

xxxxx will not be liable for any relocation expenses incurred beyond the NTE amount of $8000.

We would like you to be a part of our team. Please consider this as a final offer and let us know if you would like to accept.

We would appreciate that you let us know, no later then Monday June xxxxxxx.

Call with any questions.