Contract Job Position- Desktop Support Engineer at Saint Louis, MO (Immediate Interview)

Role:  Desktop Support Engineer     
Work Location: Saint Louis, MO
Job Type: Contract Long Term

Job Description
Managing, operating and supporting customer Desk-side hardware. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, responsibilities with respect the Desk-side systems hardware shall include the following: Desktop, laptops, thin clients, monitors, mobile devices, printers and general IT peripherals.
• Using existing tools to record and track inventory and configuration data from workstations.
• Providing support specialists, who are qualified in supporting workstations, workstation hardware, printers, applications software widely distributed to end users, workstation application utilities, and workstation systems software and memory management.
• Designing and, to the extent approved by customer, implementing processes to achieve standardization (of both Hardware and Software) within the Desk-side services environment, including documenting, implementing and communicating such standards.
• Coordinating compliance with customer approved standards by verifying customer authorization for non-standard hardware and non-standard software procured through Customer.
• Performing integration testing in support of product implementation.
• Evaluating, recommending, (as requested and approved by customer), implementing and supporting new tools, technology solutions and processes related to workstations as required to meet customer’s business requirements (and subject to the change management process) as defined by Customer and approved by customer, including common directory, patch management, imaging, software distribution, domain architectures, virus protection, anti-spam and support environments.
• Deploying customer workstations loaded with systems software and applications software (including new releases, enhancements and upgrades thereto) as requested by customer.
• Supply hardware break/fix services, support, advice and assistance to end users.
• Correcting incidents associated with hardware failure or maintenance.
• Providing hardware service upgrade, maintenance and support for Desk-side services hardware.
• Maintain a level of documentation that reflects the complexity and diversity of the Desk-side services environment and enhances the hardware support process.
• Manage stock levels of hardware for break/fix to ensure to respond to Customer requests per the agreed upon service levels for Desk-side support fulfillment.
• Deploying new workstations and peripherals (e.g., local printers, scanners and PDA-related Hardware), LAN-connected hardware and Desk-side services-related software to meet Customer’s business requirements.
• Performing hard MACs of hardware as required by customer.
• Providing upgrades, maintenance and support for Desk-side services-related systems software and applications software that is generally distributed to end users.
• Developing and implementing any scripts or other materials for support of Desk-side services related-software.
• Performing electronic software distribution to workstations as necessary or requested by customer (where the configuration of the workstations can support such electronic distribution), including verification of the communications path, verification of available disk space and workstation configuration, verification and existing software versions and old fallback copy, distribution of new software versions, verification of delivery and accuracy and verification of the capability to roll back to old software versions.
• Protect security of Desktop Systems through effective management including evaluation, development, implementation and maintenance of anti-virus, anti-spam, malicious software, O/S patching and laptop encryption.

  • Experience in supporting  Citrix VDI environment
  • Any further Deskside services agreed in writing between the parties, subject to the change control process.

Victor Lara | Account Manager
Milpitas, CA
IDC Technologies Inc.