How can this help your company ?

How can this help your company ?

What 3 companies would benefit from CommVault training;
company 1
company 2
company 3

Task: To present the idea to your company that our company can provide and resell CommVault training to our customers.

Cost: The cost of a 1 year site license for training is $30,000

Location: The location of the training can be anywhere the student is located as it is self paced and presented online

Duration: Each student will have access to the training for a period of 1 year

Type: Site License issued to your company

Maximum students: 64

The Current Cost of CommVault training

Core Fundamentals $3,000

Implementation and Maintenance $2,000

Both courses are the same price either online or onsite


We ask other Vendors we know if they could benefit from CommVault training.

We become experts on the CommVault software and attain a CommVault Master.

We provide additional CommVault training and solutions to those companies who have purchased the CommVault software.

Supporting cost factors: Our cost is $ 30,000 for 64 students for 1 year

Competition: CommVault will occasionally use 3rd party vendors to perform Professional services and the bill rate is $ 5,000 for 3 days

How can we add value: We can charge $5,000 for 5 days and provide a better value as we can write into our scope of work to include the target storage setup.