Job reference management page

Welcome, Reader This is your personal Reference Management Page

In order to continue your application you need to identify at least 5 references – people with whom you have worked and who can fill out a brief survey about your job skills. At least 2 of your references must be, or have been, your direct managers.
To choose your references:

  • Follow your job history/resume. Do not leave gaps. Start with your supervisors/managers from each job. After completing the supervisors/managers, add peers, direct reports, or clients.
  • Remember, business references are preferred. However, if you do not have enough business references, you can use people who have worked closely with you in other situations (e.g., volunteer or non-profit organizations, professional or civic associations, or academic institutions).
  • Never choose family members or friends; they are not appropriate as references.
  • Please note that some or all of your references may be contacted by phone to verify the details of your working relationship with them.

To enter the information for each reference:

  1. Click the “Add Reference” button below. Enter all requested information on the form, and click “Submit.” Whenever possible, use business email addresses and phone numbers. (Please double-check to make sure each email address and phone number you enter is correct.)
  2. When you have entered all your references, click the “Send References” button. Each of your references will be sent an email with a link to the survey. (To view a sample of this email or of the survey, click the links below.)