Block your mind from Broke Mentality conversations

Just got off the phone with a family member of mine,  I appreciate their conversation but dont know how to tell them I dont see the world  like they do.

I get it that most people that are poor are not necessary broke, meaning that someone who is poor is only poor until they get more money where as a person who is broke is someone who until they change their mindset is going to look at things as out of reach for them because of reason that most dont think valid.

So this person I talked to used to live in government housing and complained when they raised their already discounted rent. There is no reasoning with this person in my view, they dont see that other people are paying taxes to the state so that they should have a roof over their head and should have gratitude for those who put in extra hours at work or better themselves knowing those wages are taxed to support your lack of ambition.

99.999% of rich people, family, teachers, instructor or mentors give you the answers to solve your problems.

The thing I do is to put the phone on mute and say a rebuttal so as to block their broke mentality