Become a human Geiger counter

A good way to do this is to listen to what you say to yourself and to others.  Too often we repeat negatively charged words out of sheer habit.  For instance, if you sprinkle your conversation with woulda, coulda, shoulda or gonna, you are negatively charging yourself. 

   Another thing you don’t want to do is kill your dreams before you realize them.  The word “but” and all of his family are dream killers.  “But” is a word that forces limitations on us.  “But” lets us procrastinate and gives us an excuse for not living our dreams.  For instance, did you ever say to yourself, “I could have done whatever it was but… something got in the way”?  I know I have.  “But” allows us to validate our inaction. 

   Remember, you need to look for reasons to move forward, not for excuses why you are standing still.  Because if you don’t take direct action in life, you will always be reacting to what life throws at you.  Take it from me, that is no fun at all. 

   That is why it is important to listen to yourself, so that you are always positively charging yourself. 

   Here are a few easy things you can do that will keep you on the right path. 

   1.  Become a human Geiger counter tuned to negative thoughts and words.  Listen for the “buts,” “couldas,” “wouldas,” “shouldas,” and “gonnas,” and replace them with “I will.”  Then schedule what you want to do and do it. 

   2.  Think about all the times you may have reacted negatively in the past and envision what would have happened if you had acted positively to these situations.  Next, think about any current situations where you need to act positively and envision what will happen when you do take positive action. 

   3.  This week concentrate on responding only in a positive manner to everyone and everything.  Imitate positively charged people you know or have read about. Think about how they would react to whatever situation you find yourself in, and do what you think they would do.  Don’t criticize or judge your actions, just do it. 

   At the end of the week, write down all the things you accomplished with this new attitude. 

   Do these things and you will stay positively charged! 

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